Computing, coding and tinkering with tech for 11 to 16 year olds.

<<An opportunity for youngsters to explore computing and develop coding skills working together or on their own, learning Scratch and Python. Working collaboratively provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, with youngsters inspiring each other to investigate further and seek solutions. Future projects include tinkering with tech; Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino and more.>>

CMD<create>CTRL was trialled for fifteen weeks at Southend Forum from February 15th 2016. The format was too ambitious to sustain, so there will be no further sessions.

  1. Recruiting and retaining members proved to be a major problem despite directly leafletting secondary schools, promoting on social media and extensive use of “word of mouth”.
  1. The age range was too wide.
  1. CMD<create>CTRL lacked resources, having to rely on members to bring their own laptops/ Raspberry Pi’s etc.
  1. CMD<create>CTRL required the regular support of knowledgeable volunteers with extensive computing skills to take the members forward.