Week Nine at CMDCTRL

On Monday the youngsters mainly coded in Python, using “turtle graphics” or in Scratch.

We all wanted to know: does the laptop work? Yes – and F has solved the problem of a malfunctioning fan by sitting his laptop on a stand containing three fans.

F coded on his restored lapotp
F successfully restored his laptop
MJ coded on her pi-top
Investigating CEED Universe game

MJ had assembled her Pi-top with no outside intervention/ assistance but she and I are going to consult the “Helpline’ because neither of us has succeeded in registering successfully. We work in “Guest” mode at the moment- which is how she was able to use the CEED Universe game.

M and B continued to work on Python using “turtle graphics”. M had coded a pentagram, (or pentangle), spiral and was investigating the result of modifying the code.  B used Python and coded a set of Olympic Rings.

Olympic rings coded in Python
Using ‘turtle graphics’ and Python to code Olympic Rings
B coded a maze in Scratch
B’s Maze, coded in Scratch

While this was going on R coded on a maze in Scratch, guided by volunteer D. He is a natural teacher: patient and knowing exactly what question to ask to move the pupil forward. Under his tutelage I successfully ‘flashed” an SD card with Raspbian. My homework is to repeat the action on my own!