Computing, coding and tinkering with tech week eight

Week eight I watched in admiration as young R coded up her game and then let me have a try..”
“I have made a quiz game. Do you want to try it?”

screenshot of Scratch computer qiz
Week eight, R’s quiz game
screenshot of Scratch computer quiz
second view of R’s quiz









So I looked at the question displayed, “2 + 4” and pressed “6”.
The next question was harder, “10 + 90” so I pressed “100” and elicited the response “You’re amazing.”

Meanwhile, B was working on his turtle graphics using Python. Not something he has learnt at school – he is still at Key Stage 2. His sister has been teaching him. I watched the Olympic Rings appear on the screen but unfortunately forgot to take a picture. Must remember my camera next week.

I and F who were working on the Edukit 3 robot set it aside this on week to work together on a website which is F is setting up for I. F encountered a problem with his laptop which he then proceeded to take apart to see whether he could fix it.

week eight, F taking laptop apoart
Fixing laptop

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