Digital Dilemmas and Conductive Threads.

conductive threadCan a digitally aware Librarian introduce conductive thread and LEDs to a Knitting Group?

The answer is “yes”, as I discovered when I visited their Library just before Christmas. All the knitters have open minds about the topic but most were not keen to pursue the topic further. The keenest member of the group observed, ‘You need to know about circuits’. She had incorporated a stitched circuit into a sweater that she was knitting for her grandson. Each time I venture into the area of “stitched circuits, conductive thread and LEDs” I encounter the same dilemmas.

  1. Why? Is there an advantage of conductive thread over wire?
  2. What for? Will LEDs enhance my sewing/ knitting project?
  3. How? How do novices at stitching acquire the basic sewing techniques necessary in the shortest time?
  4. How to draw the circuit diagram? It is necessary to understand how to avoid short-circuits, to know how many LED’s may be supported by the 3-volt coin cell battery and whether to join LEDs in series or parallel.
  5. Can the finished item be washed?

Other major factors are time and inclination – both requirements for working with conductive thread. I am determined to pursue the subject throughout 2018 and find some answers . . .I shall begin by studying the helpful posts on the Adafruit website. (Click here)

conductive thread



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