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about us: Jane
Jane Sealy, STEM Ambassador

Ever since the first computer – a BBC “B” – landed on my desk at school I have wanted to know more. How does it work? What will it do? What can we do with it?  The language  “LOGO” offered a great way to learn programming. Then computer education took off in the direction of “using the computer as a tool” and users were seen as the drivers. Now, some thirty years or so later, we need people to programme the ever-increasing number of computers that are entering our lives. We need people who are comfortable with coding. My objective is to learn more about coding myself and to encourage youngsters to learn to code and to tinker with technology.

Sarah Bedell STEAM Ambassador

I work with people and organisations to explore new ideas and opportunities, and help understand successes and challenges. I work with individuals, creatives, arts and community organisations, supporting evaluation, project planning and management in a wide number of settings. I put the “A” (Arts) into “STEM” (Science Technology Engineering Maths)