Retro Computers

It makes you feel positively ancient when equipment you once used is described as “retro computers”. Who remembers the early days of home computing? Enthusiasts got to grips with their Sinclair ZX 80 while primary schools were equipped with the “BBC B’s” made by Acorn. When my¬† BBC B was delivered to the classroom it did not have a tape recorder – so we were unable to load the software. I suggested to the Head that I could bring a tape cassette player from home.”No, no!” he exclaimed in horror, “You might break it.” Yes, you guessed right: I connected up my own cassette player and, yes, it worked. The volume setting on the cassette player was critical. If it was not set right the software would not load – not funny when a class of children are seated on the carpet waiting.

to be continued  . . .

Retro computers - Acorn's BBC B
Acorn’s BBC B computer

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