Second Coding Session

At our second coding session, a couple of youngsters worked on coding with Scratch on their own computers, sometimes reinforcing work they had done in school and sometimes exploring a new aspect. A couple of youngsters were pursuing their interest in Python while another two started to assemble the ‘Edukit 3’ robot kit. The instructions state “requires no soldering”, but the kit does require a base. So far the lads have attached the components with elastic bands and double-sided tape to a small off-cut of plywood. The double-side tape is not strong enough – so next week they are going to try either the sticky pads provided with the kit or extra strong Velcro. Just before we packed up they succeeded in getting the wheels to turn.

youngster holding a robot
The wheels turn!

Volunteer Derek guided two more members with a couple of SoSLUG “bike kits” – attaching LED’s to Raspberry Pi computers via a “breadboard” and programming them using the GPIO pins.

three people working on computers
Learning about Raspberry Pi and GPIO

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